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Guide on Where to Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam

Planning to visit Hanoi? Trying to decide on places to stay in Hanoi? Figuring out the top hotels in Hanoi?  This short guide will help you decide the best area to stay in Hanoi and find your best Hanoi hotel or even a Hanoi serviced apartment.  We have outlined the best Hanoi districts to stay in, places to see in Hanoi and highlighted a few tips on what to do in Hanoi, Vietnam.

If you are trying to figure out where to stay in Vietnam, Hanoi is a wonderful introduction to Vietnam, or even to your Asia travels.  Hanoi Vietnam is a wonderful mix of new and old and is a city that is changing quickly.

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Where to Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam

We have been to Hanoi City four times and immediately fell in love with its vibrancy and energy. Oh and of course the food, which is amazing and tasty, take a look here! After that first visit, we returned, again and again, to soak in all the City has to offer.  We think Hanoi is one of the best places to stay in Vietnam.  In recent years Hanoi tourism has grown significantly, along with the range of Hanoi hotels, cheap hotels in Hanoi and Hanoi Backpackers.

There are so many things to see and places to visit in Hanoi that it can be overwhelming.  And, if you are into amazing food and beer, then Hanoi should definitely be on your list of must visit places.  Figuring out which things to do in Hanoi will be the hard part! We love Hanoi because you can find quiet spots to reflect in all you are experiencing, or you can get exhausted by diving right in and exploring every nook and cranny of this amazing place.

You can easily get by in Hanoi with a smattering of Vietnamese, a little familiarity with local dishes, and the courage to give plenty of new things a go.  Dive right in and enjoy Hanoi – and whatever you make of it.  There are loads of Hanoi accommodation options, and it can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out the best place to stay in Hanoi.

Generally, Vietnam hotels are great value.  Whether you are looking for the best hotels in Hanoi, a luxury hotel Hanoi or a Hanoi hostel, this Hanoi guide is designed to help you find the best accommodation in Hanoi to suit your purposes and decide what to see in Hanoi.  Hanoi weather can get very hot, so we have also included hotels with a swimming pool. Hanoi is a great city to walk around and a cool dip afterwards is perfect!  We have also made booking Hanoi hotels easy by including links in our descriptions.

The Best Areas to Stay in Hanoi

The Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem)

This is the heart of Hanoi and one of the best Hanoi places to visit.  If you stay in the Hanoi Old Quarter you will be surrounded by traditional shops, narrow roadways, temples, old gates and secret little doorways.  In the Old Quarter, you can dive right into exploring Hanoi, and you can expect to have a sensory overload!  You definitely won’t be struggling to figure out what to do in Hanoi if you stay in the Old Quarter, plus you will be able to indulge in a great variety of shopping in Hanoi. There is something for everyone in the Old Quarter from backpackers hostels to luxury hotels.  The Old Quarter is a great place to stay for convenience and an amazing cultural experience right on your doorstep.

French Quarter

Located on the South Eastern side of Hoan Kiem Lake, the French Quarter is home to city’s foreign embassies, government buildings and affluent residential neighbourhoods. It is a great place to find luxury hotels and upmarket restaurants.  It is close to a very busy shopping area and has plenty of restaurants and nightlife.

Ba Dinh

Ba Dinh is slightly further out than the Old Quarter, but it is here you will find some of the most popular Hanoi sightseeing attractions (Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and Museum, and the Military Museum).  It appears fewer tourists stay in Ba Dinh, but there are plenty of things to see in Hanoi.  Ba Dinh could be a great option if you want to soak in some Vietnamese neighbourhood life and still be close by to the Old Quarter and all it has to offer.

Tay Ho

Tay Ho is home to Embassies and loads of expats, so this may make it an area that makes it easier to slip into exploring Hanoi.  There are plenty of great dining options (including amazing yoghurt coffee) and options for exploring the nightlife.  Tay Ho is a great place to stay if you want a bit more of a familiar Western feel, but still be close enough to many of the main sightseeing options in Hanoi.

Where to Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam
Photo by Son Vu Le via Unsplash

Hanoi Where to Stay

Hoan Kiem The Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is the place to stay for a truly immersive Hanoi experience. It is the main tourist spots along with Hanoi’s business hub. You will instantly be surrounded by the hubbub of streets lined with traditional stores, temples and street food vendors.  The streets in the Old Quarter are packed with scooters, cars, bicycles and velo’s all moving in symphony with pedestrians.  It is a great experience just wandering around and seeing what you discover.

In the Old Quarter, you will discover plenty of colonial architecture (don’t forget to look up – much is above eye level).  The ancient streets in the Old Quarter are named after their original businesses (some dating back 1000 years), so you will find Silk Street, Jewelry Street, and the like.  While the original businesses may have modernized, you can still explore this unique neighbourhood – which remains fascinating.

You will also see plenty of shop-houses in the Old Quarter, many of which were built over a century ago.  Here you will see tall and narrow buildings (a way to avoid tax) which have a street facing shop and plenty of residential apartments above.  Perhaps your hotel will occupy one of these buildings.

The Old Quarter is a great spot for nightlife.  Don’t forget to try a local beer at one of the many Beer Corners.  Park up for a while and watch the world go by.  There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to try, and best of all, plenty of street food vendors.  Remember that vendors with plenty of paper towels strewn around are a good bet – it means plenty of turnover!

You will find many of the major Hanoi attractions in the Old Quarter including the Hanoi Opera House, National Museum of Vietnamese History and the Water Puppet Theatre.

The Old Quarter can be a full-on experience, so if you are wanting a bit quieter time it may be useful to stay slightly further out in Ba Dinh or Tay Ho.  The full range of accommodations can be found in Hoan Kiem The Old Quarter – from backpacker hostels to luxury hotels – and everything in between. If you want that immersive Vietnamese experience with plenty of sound, action and activity – then staying in the Old Quarter is a great choice.

Beautiful Hanoi Boutique Hotel

O’Gallery Premier Hotel & Spa – the beautifully designed Hanoi Old Quarter boutique hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Hanoi.  A contender for the best place to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter. Each room is beautifully designed, with some having their own terrace or balcony.  The rooms are large, air-conditioned and sound proof, and come equipped with a coffee machine, flat screen tv, minibar and hairdryer.  There is a restaurant on site, along with a spa. The hotel is within an easy walking distance (ten minutes) of the main attractions in the Old Quarter. Rooms at the O’Gallery are in high demand – and it is easy to see why. So if you want to stay in one of the best hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter, then O’Gallery Premier Hotel & Spa should be on your list.

Check here for the latest rates.

Smart and Tidy 3 Star Hotel

Blue Hanoi Inn Hotel – this top-rated authentic Hanoi hotel is located in the heart of Hanoi and has large, light rooms.  Some rooms also have a sitting area – perfect for resting weary feet after a day of exploring.  Located very close to the St Joseph Cathedral and less than 10 minutes walk from other Hanoi tourist attractions like Hoan Kiem Lake, this hotel is centrally located in the Old Quarter and great value for money.  Rooms are large, air-conditioned and sound proof.  There are also family rooms.  A great 3 Star Hotel well worth checking out.

Check here for the latest rates and information.

Classic Design Hotel

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – a gorgeous new Hanoi Old Quarter hotel located in the thick of it in the Old Quarter, with most attractions less than ten minutes walk away.  The rooms are large and beautifully appointed with lovely design touches throughout.  There are adjoining and family rooms available. There is also an entire unit which is wheelchair accessible.  Rooms are large, air-conditioned and soundproofed.  They come equipped with walk-in closets, drying rack, refrigerator, kettle and flat screen TV.  There is a restaurant, bar and spa also on site. This is a great option if you are looking for an excellent Hanoi boutique hotel & spa, a great Hanoi accommodation in the Old Quarter which is close to the action.

Check here for the latest rates and information.

French Quarter

The French Quarter is home to most of the Embassies, Government Buildings and expensive residences in Hanoi.  Compared to the Old Quarter and Ba Dinh there are quite as many Hanoi tourist attractions in the French Quarter, but it is very easy to walk around and there is plenty of stunning French colonial architecture to view.  In the French Quarter, there are many art galleries, museums, fashion stores and historical landmarks including the Hoa Lo Prison (Hanoi Hilton).

There are plenty of restaurants in Hanoi French Quarter, many catering to an international clientele in sophisticated settings.  There is great nightlife in the Hanoi French Quarter, but it is slightly different to the nightlife in the Old Quarter.  In the French Quarter, you could enjoy live opera at the Hanoi Opera House or dine out at while viewing the stunning French Quarter architecture.  There are plenty of options for Hanoi French Quarter hotels, although they do tend towards the more luxurious end.

If you are interested in a cultural and artistic experience, then staying in the French Quarter may be your best choice.  The French Quarter may also be a good option if you are on your honeymoon or looking to splurge on luxury accommodation or a lovely romantic night out.

Sophisticated Luxury

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi – this top-rated luxury French Quarter Hanoi Hotel is a very special place to stay.  A historic landmark since 1901, the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel retains the hotel’s original grandeur, with rooms featuring either classic French décor or a neo classical theme. On site, there is an indulgent spa, swimming pool, fitness centre, business centre and gift shop.  There are three bars on site, along with a private dining room, outdoor terrace and several restaurants.  Only minutes from Hoan Kiem Lake and the Opera House, the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi is the place to stay if you want a luxurious step back in time.

Check here for the latest rates and information. 

Five Star Elegance

Melia Hanoi – a five star hotel located centrally in the French Quarter, steps away from Hoan Kiem Lake and the Water Puppet Theatre.  The Melia Hanoi Hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, casino and spa.  Large modern rooms with all the conveniences you would expect to see in great quality hotels.  Babysitting and childcare services are also available for an extra charge.  If you want a contemporary modern luxury hotel in the centre of the French Quarter then the Melia Hanoi is a great choice.

Check here for the latest rates and information.

Vietnamese Style Accommodation

Hilton Hanoi Opera – situated in the heart of Hanoi next to the Hanoi Opera House the Hilton Hanoi Opera is a wonderful choice for art lovers.  The rooms are decorated with local handcrafted furniture, marble bathrooms and seating areas.  The Hilton Hanoi Opera has many room options, two restaurants, a swimming pool and fitness centre.  Combining Vietnamese hospitality with extensive facilities and services, this is a great choice for those wishing to have easy access to arts and cultural facilities in Hanoi.

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Where to Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam
Photo by Iriseren via Pixabay

Ba Dinh

Ba Dinh is approximately 15 minutes drive from the Old Quarter and it is where Ho Chi Minh declared independence in 1945. There are plenty of accommodation options in Ba Dinh.  There is plenty to see and do in Ba Dinh, including visiting Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and his stilt house, the Hanoi Flag Tower and the One Pillar Pagoda.  If you are particularly interested in finding out more about Hanoi’s history and experiencing local culture – then staying in the Ba Dinh area is perfect.  You will also see some amazing examples of French colonial architecture including the Presidential Palace.

You can expect to have diverse dining experiences in Ba Dinh, ranging from tiny coffee shops to large restaurants. There are plenty of restaurants and neighbourhood bars overlooking Hanoi’s Botanical Gardens.  You will be spoiled for choice.  If you fancy heading out at night, then there are also plenty of rooftop bars with amazing views, and lounges to take a cocktail or two.  Bars in Ba Dinh also tend to stay open until the wee hours.

There is a good range of accommodation available in Ba Dinh, and plenty of Hanoi apartments to choose from if you are looking to self-cater or do a load of washing!  So if you are into exploring history and eating great food, this is the area for you.

Gorgeous Apartments

Christina’s Hanoi Lancaster City Living – ranging from studio apartments to a four bedroom penthouse Christina’s Hanoi Lancaster City Living is a great option if you prefer apartment living.  Clean and well appointed rooms with kitchen and washing facilities, these apartments are a great choice.  The property has a hot tub, sauna, VIP room facilities, family rooms and a swimming pool.  There is also a convenience store on site.  Located less than ten minutes walk from the Hanoi Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda and the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum these apartments are well located for exploring Ba Dinh.

Check here for the latest rates and information.

Five Star Hotel with Great Views

 Pan Pacific Hanoi – this hotel is gorgeous, with amazing views of the Lake from the Terrace.  This hotel has a swimming pool (one of few Hanoi hotels with pool), fitness centre and spa.  Baby/Child sitting services are also available for an extra charge.  The rooms feature contemporary design and most also have panoramic views of the city.  Located approximately 15 minutes walk from the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi Citadel and plenty of cafes and restaurants, this hotel is a great choice for those wishing to explore Ba Dinh from a luxury base.

Check here for the latest rates and information.

Small and Comfortable Hotel

Dragon Pearl Hotel – this centrally located hotel is close to the main sightseeing attractions in Ba Dinh.  It has 40 rooms which are well equipped with modern facilities, are clean, spacious and beautifully decorated – at a very good price.  Located less than ten minutes walk from the Hanoi Citadel and the Old City Gate, this hotel is perfectly located for exploring Ba Dinh.

Check here for the latest rates and information.

Where to Stay In Hanoi, Vietnam
Photo by Robert Z Ziemi via Pixabay

Tay Ho

Tay Ho or West Lake district was the place Vietnamese royals would summer, but now it is the place to discover Hanoi’s best places to eat, drink and shop.  Tay Ho is 15 minutes drive from the Old Quarter.  On the banks of Hanoi’s largest freshwater lake (West Lake), this lakeside hotel Hanoi in Tay Ho is a great place to stay, with plenty of options ranging from five star hotels, loads of upmarket restaurants and nightlife.

Walking through Tay Ho you will discover beautiful narrow streets, pagoda’s, temples, and abundant gardens. The quietness is a nice balance to the hectic nature of the Old Quarter.  There are plenty of quiet spots to enjoy the botanical gardens and the Lake.  You can hire boats or have lunch on a floating restaurant.  With lots of expats in Tay Ho you can expect to have access to a few Western experiences too.

You will be able to visit the Tran Quoc Pagoda which was built in the 6th Century, Vietnam’s oldest temple.  The Quan Thanh Temple is also a great place to visit. It is one of Vietnam’s Four Sacred Temples.  Tay Ho is a great option if you are looking for a quieter part of Hanoi to stay in, but still not be too far away from the action!

Serviced Focused Apartment Hotel

Fraser Suites Hanoi – highly rated Tay Ho ultra modern apartment accommodation.  Focusing on ‘gold standard’ service which is warm, genuine and attentive. Located within 15 minutes walk of the West Lake Water Park, Hanoi Botanical Garden and the Quan Thanh Temple, this hotel is ideally situated in Tay Ho.  Each apartment has its own kitchen and washing machine, giving you the freedom to eat when you want.  There is an outdoor swimming pool along with a fitness centre, steam room and hot tub.

Check here for the latest rates and information. 

Clean and Tidy 2 Bed Apartment

Watermark Westlake Apartments – perfect if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the Old Quarter.  Spotlessly clean, modern and tidy rooms with super king size beds, kitchen and washing facilities. Located opposite West Lake and only 15 minutes taxi ride into the Old Quarter.  The living room has a balcony which provides sweeping views of West Lake. There are several restaurants on the ground floor, along with a swimming pool and fitness centre.

Check here for the latest rates and information.

Should you visit Hanoi?

Hopefully, we have managed to give you some insight into where to stay in Hanoi.  We love Hanoi and hope others discover how amazing Hanoi – and Vietnam – is!

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Where to Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam

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