Wellesley St Goodness

As part of our gastronomic tour of Auckland we venture up and over Wellesley St West and ended up at the Food Truck Garage. A and his daughter I we well parked up by the time I arrived. We were pleasantly surprised with the quick and efficient service, excellent food and pretty good beer.  Plus it was a lovely sunny afternoon – and what better way is there to pass an afternoon in the sun but over a good meal and beer sharing stories and shooting the breeze.



The menu is full of tasty treats which are a healthy twist on good ole classics.

A had the Beetlovers burger, I had the Beefroot – and me, well I had the baby Papple Dogs.  We shared a side of chilli bakes.  And the food?  The food was very good.  It arrived quickly – but not so quickly you felt like you were being rushed out the door. Would totally recommend heading to the Food Truck Garage if you are in that neck of the woods.

Food Truck Garage

Baby Papple Dogs



Food Truck Garage

Beetlovers Burger


An added bonus is that about 30 secs walk away is Best Ugly Bagels. These bagels are good.  Very good.  Fortunately Moore Wilsons stocks these bagels in Wellington.  My current breakfast obsession is a toasted bagel, cream cheese (it has to be Zany Zeus) and smoked salmon – with a squirt of lemon juice. So close to the bagel mother ship meant there was no way I could leave without bagels in hand.  It would be great if they did a wholemeal bagel – but I will soldier on with the poppy seed ones.

Best Ugly Bagels

Best Ugly Bagels



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