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Apr 06



This is the third time I have tried to write this post. I have a new tablet, which is fab, but I am still a novice on the ins-and-outs. I have been meaning to write about our date nights, a new and treasured ritual, and may well do so in the future.

I am lying in bed and it has started raining. There is something so lovely and luxuriant about this. Autumn is here. I love it. The crisp mornings, clear skies and changing landscape. It is a good time of year to refocus, reflect and hopefully reenergise. I have been doing this a bit as I learn to juggle commuting with all the other things I want to do – and then also slowly realising those two things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

Rather than starting with all those things I am missing out on or not doing, I am reframing. Starting from a different position of what I have got and done. And then, oh my goodness, what a different picture I see. A few highlights:

  • Catching up with friends. My commitment to myself for 2013. Dinner at Miss M’s, High Tea with the gals, coffee dates and walks
  • date night with hubby and discovering new favourites. Mr Ji’s Kitchen, Big Bad Wolf, Havana, our local Vietnamese, a nice glass of wine at home. But the best thing of all, time alone with A, reconnecting and catching up without the distractions and noise of daily life. Reviews and pics from our visits to local eateries will follow soon.
  • discovering Christchurch and trying to see more than the walk between work and where I live. And waiting for my new bike to arrive so I can see more.
  • Making plans with A. Where do we want to be in five years, ten years – what do we want to have ticked off our list.
  • learning new things. We are going to learn to make lampshades at Made Marion.  I am well keen.
Plenty there aye? A much better starting point than what am I missing out on.
To finish, a few images. Christchurch, Rose tasting plate and oysters at Shed 5.

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