Travel Essentials

Travelling while sick
Travelling while sick sucks but it happens.  We have both managed to catch Spring colds which has meant a bit[...]
Top Things to do in Penang, Malaysia
Why should you visit Penang? Malaysia is a treasure trove of amazing experiences.   One of the things to do in[...]
Where to Stay in Lyon, France
France's second City is a wonderful destination to visit.  This post outlines the best areas to stay in Lyon, and[...]
Guide on Where to Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam
Planning to visit Hanoi? Trying to decide on places to stay in Hanoi? Figuring out the top hotels in Hanoi? [...]
Ultimate Guide to Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland is an easy, budget-friendly city to visit.  There are plenty of things you must do in Krakow, good public transport[...]
Guide to Buying the Best Travel Backpack
A travel backpack is that key piece of equipment that can make your journey easier or just plain painful.  Choosing[...]
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