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Guide on Where to Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam
Planning to visit Hanoi? Trying to decide on places to stay in Hanoi? Figuring out the top hotels in Hanoi? [...]
Getting Ready for Long Term Travel
Making the decision to undertake long term travel can be daunting. Find out how to get ready for a long[...]
How to get your first Housesit
So, you want to be a House Sitter? Housesitting is a wonderful way to discover new parts of the world,[...]
South East Asia Packing Essentials – Seven Things You Should Always Pack
Packing can be a pain in the butt. But you can take the hassle out of packing by making sure[...]
Planning for travel
I have recently rejoined Instagram and have been going through thousands of photos.  This has also meant rediscovering photos and memories[...]
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