Travel is such an eye opening and enriching experience.  We love it.  We love that it shows us how we fit into the world, and challenges our perspectives and views about ourselves, where we are from and how we are.  We also love that travel isn’t necessarily about ‘what you do’ but who and how you are with yourself and others.  We know there are loads of travel and food blogs out there, so ours will add to that list.

For us travel reminds us how lucky we are, and enables us to see the richness of the life we are already leading.  So, these are our travel ideas, inspiration, aspiration, experiences and you may even find some useful tips and tricks here. Over time, you will find all of that here through our travel and food blogs.

Our travel essentials section is broad and covers destinations we have visited, alongside our thoughts on slow and mid-life travel (because we aren’t teenagers), travel & food (because one of us is a Chef and the we both like eating good food), family travel (because occasionally we travel with family) and plus size travel (well, that is pretty self explanatory).

So, welcome.  Have a nose around. Let us know what you like or if there is something you would like us to cover.  We are currently in Wellington, New Zealand so will be focusing our stories a bit closer to home for a wee while.

We are in the process of updating Red Door Ponderings, and will gradually be starting to add new content over the next weeks.