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Last week I had surgery, for the second time in six weeks.  As a result I have had several periods of enforced rest, relaxation and recuperation.  I am not a person who takes kindly to enforced rest and relaxation – unless of course it is taking place on a tropical beach.  A week in Samoa last year was ideal. We stayed at Vacations Beach Fales on Manase Beach.  We woke up to this every morning. Beautiful.

But that is another time and another story.  Back to the couch, oops, enforced rest and relaxtion.  One of my aims for 2012 was to focus on my health – mental and physical .  Clearly, something is awry.  But, I have spent the last week rethinking how to get back on track to leading a thankful, open and present life.  So, I am resting and trying to not feel guilty about not being at work – again.  I am trying to have compassion for myself. Something I find hard to achieve. But I am working hard on it!

Firstly – health.  I have been researching going ‘sugar free’.  I know I am hooked and need to make some changes.  I found this book I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson. It is clear, conscise and I thought ‘I can do that’.  Plus it has given me a chance to try some new food.  Off I went to Commonsense Organics and bought cocoa nibs and almond milk.  These will both going into my morning porridge – this recipe on Kath Eats Real Food rocks.  Who knew porridge could be so tasty without sugar!

Because I am not at work at the moment, I am also making dinner most nights.  Usually A, who finishes work at 2pm, makes dinner.  Because he is a chef, eveyrthing that he creates is amazingly delicous.  Not that I am competitive or anything, but my meals must now meet a minimum standard.

Last night I made the most of the recent Vietnamese cooking classes I have been taking, and the plethora of ingredients in the cupboard and whipped up amy version vietnamese chicken noodle salad.  Even though it is winter and cold, this salad was delicous – light, clean and very tasty.

I tend towards cooking vegetarian meals, and so tonight, we are having Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry from Nigel Slater‘s book Tender.  A simple, tasty recipe that is fast becoming a favourite.

And here it is .  One word. YUM.


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  1. June 7, 2012 / 12:31 am

    Have to say, I couldn’t get on with cacao nibs at all myself!

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