Ticking things off

I don’t know what it is about ticking items off a ‘to do’ list, but it is very satisfying.  Today was one of those rare days where I managed to do the work I needed to do – and them some.  So, I ended the day with ticking items off my list – rather than just adding more, and more, and more…  And sometimes it is even better when my list is on a pretty pad – just like these from Kikki K.  A great store if you are obsessed with pretty stationery.

My birthday present from my sister in London arrived today.  I am impressed.  Beautiful Jo Malone fragrance – English Pear and Fresia.  Jo Malone products come in beautiful packaging, and as we can’t buy this fragrance in Wellington it is a real treat.  It is hard to buy a new fragrance but she did a great job.  Two thumbs up across the world for that great pressie.  So I guess this definitely makes it onto my list of things to be grateful for! That would make it #5!


English Pear & Freesia  Jo Malone Cologne



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