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By CJ | New Zealand

Jul 22

I now work for myself.  Which means I have to relearn a whole lot of skills which have lain dormant (if they existed at all) because for over 15 years I have had staff and teams of people to work with, to get projects over the line.  Now, it is just me.  Oh, and I am partnering with my mother – which is working out very well.

But in reality, if I need business cards I have to order them.  Oh, and before I order them I have to design them.  If I need a meeting booked, or documents copied/formatted/tarted up – yep, me again. Travel booked?  Me again. So I am digging deep and relearning a whole lotta stuff which floated away over the last 15 years.

I am learning lots of other things too:

  • where to find free wifi in Wellington – a growing list
  • where to find good coffee
  • where to find a combination of the first two things
  • I like to work in the evening, mornings not so much
  • I faff around if I don’t have a lot to do
  • in order to grow my client base I am drinking a lot of coffee and tea (refer once again to the first two bullet points)
  • I can work pretty much anywhere
  • my skills are pretty transferable
  • I like having the ability to say – I am not working on Thursday

I think this is going to work out.

This weekend I got to work here… was very, very nice….

Working in the sun IMG-1405747500449-V

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jointheclouds July 26, 2014

Hello there! Thank you for following my blog! I read some of your posts and am delighted to find someone in a similar situation as me – we are both learning to be self-employed and we both have attempted and reattempting (you’re ahead on this one!) The Happiness Project! Keep going! Wishing you all the best! 🙂

    reddoorponderings August 3, 2014

    Thanks for the feedback – still trying to stick to The Happiness Project!

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