Sunday night

It is Sunday night and A and I are having a well deserved sit down.  It has been busy weekend which started with a 3yr olds Pink Butterfly birthday party.

We have a few birthdays in the run up to Christmas – which just adds to the general mayhem.  We have decided not to buy cheap plastic toys for the children, so I have been researching, and purchasing, some old school toys.  iqtoys is a treasure trove of goodness.  I bought the three year old a zoo felt set. Remember these from when you were a littlie? I was a bit worried about whether she would like it.  All the little girls loved it. Phew.

Etsy is also a treasure trove of goodness.  These are on the way.  Very cool.

Between us we also managed to squeeze in all this.

  • a trip to the dump (necessary)
  • lunch with great friends (renewing)
  • cuddles with a newly hatched baby (delightful)
  • a 6yr olds mermaid birthday party (full on)
  • choosing wedding rings (yay!)
  • updating resume (unexpectedly long job)
  • planting fruit trees (finally)

  • and using up the stash of leeks from the garden in an amazing leek, asparagus and mushroom pie.  My goodness.

It is always satisfying finishing the weekend having accomplished so much. Most excellent.

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