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It is Easter Weekend this weekend in New Zealand. This means it is a four day weekend for most of us (those of us who work for ourselves may approach it slightly differently though).  We are in the middle of getting our house ready to sell and will be doing final touch ups over the weekend, so the house will look better than it ever has. So this means we aren’t heading away for the long weekend, and have decided to stay home and enjoy our house while it is still ours, discover some new experiences in Wellington – and rest.  House selling is tiring and stressful! We have decided to have a staycation and rediscover some of the great attractions and food Wellington has to offer.

A storm is also hitting the country, so it is a nice time to top and pause for a day or two. Perfect staycation weather!  I would love to be able to spend at least one day inside pottering around.  Maybe watch a movie or two.  Have many cups of teas and eat freshly made hot cross buns – thanks to this gem. I am so very lucky!

We have also decided to go on a date. Usually this means a movie and a meal. It has been a while since we have explored new restaurants or bars in Wellington, so we may do some exploring.  We are so spoiled for choice in Wellington as it is really a foodies heaven. The places we always go to are:

Prosecco at Ombra


Maybe we could check out an exhibition or two at our local museums or galleries – our favourites are:

I quite like the look of the Bug Lab at Te Papa – although I suspect it will be full of families given the weather is  supposed to be so rubbish.  That doesn’t sound like a very relaxing experience for two grown ups.

The risk is always that we will find a lovely quiet spot and park up with a cocktail – and not move!

Any recommendations?  Leave a comment below…..


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