Spring has sprung

Spring has well and truly arrived.  The signs are all around us and it is a wonderful time of year.  While Wellington is notorious for its spring winds (alongside all the other wind we have) we haven’t had too much of that yet. The spring signs which lift the spirit are many, here are a few from my neck of the woods:

  • The trees have gone from bare branches to blossoms blooming all over the place.
  • The lawns are growing like crazy – necessitating A getting out there with the lawn mower.
  • no longer having to wear so many layers of clothing that I feel like a trussed up sausage!
  • taking the dog for early morning walks when it is crisp, not yet light and very peaceful.
  • planning our spring/summer garden – deciding what wonderful produce we will grow and which fruit trees we will plant.
  • driving to work alongside Wellington Harbour – stunning, stunning views and reminders of how beautiful Wellington really is.

Wow. Fabulous.  No wonder I have a spring in my step – oops, terrible pun, sorry. Oh, and I got my hair cut.  So new beginnings all round.

And here are a couple of pics of early September in Wellington.



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