Over the last months I have had a bit of time on my hands as I recuperate from surgery.  This has been frustrating, but it has also been incredibly useful.  I have had to think actively about how I use my time and the types of things I can do that don’t require too much physical effort.  So, several months ago I started sewing.  I would like to say I rediscovered how much I enjoy sewing but to be frank my early experiences with sewing had left me with a less than positive view of my skills and sewing generally.  But in an effort to rethink how I live my life I thought I would test whether what I thought about sewing and my general uselessness at it were in fact real.  I am pleased to be able to say I had built up my lack of skills to such a level they were not connected to reality – in any way, shape or form.  Sure, I am not going to be whipping up amazing couture pieces of fashion any time soon, but with practice my skills are becoming honed and I have even sold one or two pieces!


I have discovered a whole new world of tutorials (thank you You Tube), blogs and online fabric stores.  I have also discovered that I can make home furnishings I like, bed linen that is not just white but stacked with colour and even cases for my kindle! I know all experienced sewers out there will know all this already.


One of the great delights for me though is banishing those negative thoughts about how I suck at sewing and moving to a place where I am now doing it for relaxation – and hopefully will be able to make a buck or two to recoup all this money I am spending on fabric!


Here are a couple of my creations – pillowslips and covers for my kindle.  I supsect many family members will be getting home sewn goodness for Christmas this year!

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