Tower Bridge, London

Settling down…for the moment

We haven't updated Red Door Ponderings since August - how did that happen.  So, as you can tell by the title, we have stopped moving for a while.  Well actually, we stopped in November - but time has whizzed by and life managed to get in the way.

We decided to stop in London for a while.  We are both gainfully employed, which is great but a slight shock to the system after a good amount of time travelling and working.  We have been housesitting for a few months and hopefully will be moving into our own apartment in a month.

We have settled in London and are still managing to travel.  We have been to Prague, Madrid, Copenhagen, Liverpool and Bath in the interim.  And I have been doing a bit of travel for work - so visiting new places like Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge and Brighton.

So, this is a short post to let you know we haven't dropped off the face of the earth. We have a backlog of posts on places we love and think you will love to, and of course, plenty of new content coming about London.

It feels good to be back.  Now how do I make sure my next post is sooner than four months!

Cath and Andy

Cath and Andy

We are Cath & Andy, avid travellers who are either travelling or planning the next trip. Come along and join us for the ride as we house sit and explore new destinations. On Red Door Ponderings you will find destination guides, travel essentials we love, and information about long-term travel in your 40s and 50s with your significant other.

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