Recipe Magpie

I am a recipe magpie. I love food and I love to cook – well bake really.   I also love to read.  So I suppose it kind of makes sense that I love to read recipe books. I suspect this may be unusual but I don’t really care. I often test recipes from various books, combine different ideas but I just enjoy reading books where the author discusses how and why the recipes that made their way into the book did so.  I received two wonderful books for Christmas, Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries II and the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Both have been really good reads so far.

I enjoy Nigel Slater’s style of cooking and also have his Tender Volume 1 book.  His television shows are a great watch and I often whip up his recipes – which mostly rely on ingredients you would already have in the fridge or cupboard.

I have been following the Smitten Kitchen blog for several years  – it has beautiful images and the recipes, oh, the recipes!  A friend who lives in the US put me on to it – and she was the one who gave me the book.  It is a great read – and I can already see there will be several recipes making it onto my regular rotation.

Do you have any good blogs or recipe books you enjoy delving into?


And because it was a cracker day here in Wellington today, I will leave you with what we saw on our morning walk. How lucky are we? A day to be very thankful for.

Wellington waterfront

Oriental Parade

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