Rainy weekends

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Apr 21

A travelled to Christchurch on Friday, so we got to spend the weekend in the other city I live in.  It was great to be able to share the spots I know with my hubby. It poured with rain all weekend, but it didn’t matter.



On the recommendations of several colleagues we started the weekend with a beer at Cassels Bar and Brewery.  What a great spot.  Fantastic service and of course top notch beer too.  A made his way through several different brews.

On Saturday we headed off to the Akaroa Harvest Festival – another recommendation. On the way we stopped at Barry’s Bay to check out the cheese factory.  My goodness – if you ever get the chance you need to check this place out.  Unfortunately we picked a day when they weren’t making cheese, so couldn’t see the magic in action. But the cheese, oh the cheese!  Delicious.

Back to the Harvest Festival.  We didn’t really know what to expect, especially as it was cold and pouring with rain. But what a delight. It was a compact festival filled with local purveyors, a school cake stall, scarecrow competition and fab food.  A went for a fresh fish sandwich, and I had raw fish, baked fish and a Paua fritter. Goodness all round. We also picked up some hummus, salmon dip, pesto and bread for dinner. A great day – and we ended up staying the night. A lovely little weekend away.



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