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Last week I had five teeth extracted.  Ouch and ouch.  Fortunately I have insurance and was able to get the procedure done under general and in a private hospital.  I am still slightly chipmunk looking but on the mend.   Every time I have an encounter with hospitals or doctors I feel fortunate that I am not having to sacrifice to be able to pay for much needed health care or prescriptions or recuperation.  I know there are many people in this country who do, and my heart goes out to anyone who has to choose between health care and other necessities of life.

While rugged up and living on omelette, custard and macaroni cheese (clearly not all at once) I have been thinking about getting back into some crafting and sewing.  It has been a while – and I really love being able to relax and focus on the task at hand.  Several weeks ago we booked into a Lampshade making course at Made Marion Craft. And so off I trotted with my sister and mum to our class.  What a ball.  And we came away with our own bespoke lampshade.  Fabulous.  I managed to find some great fabric offcuts for $10 which will make two shades.  If you live in Wellington – check out Made Marion.  Great classes, friendly people – excellent craftiness.

gorgeous shades IMG_6297 IMG_6303 IMG_6305

We love our new shades and are already sussing out when we will be able to make our next works of art.

Now that I had my craftiness back on track I focused on finishing a carry case for my new tablet.  I am valiantly trying to go paperless and not cart around loads of paper, but have realised that along with my tablet I also carry two phones and my daily calendar.  So, a carry case was required.  My first attempt demonstrated my measuring techniques were not really up to scratch.  So my sister gained a new carry case for her ipad – and she loves it too.

So, I used some gorgeous fabric I also found in the offcuts bin and made myself a luxurious carry case.  And it is beautiful.  Even if I do say so myself.

IMG_6311 IMG_6312

This post has rambled all over the place – a symptom of not posting regularly I think.  I need to sort that out.

Over the next weeks I will be writing about our abundant garden and what we have been doing with our tomato, raspberry and feijoa glut.  A tough problem to have.  I am also on the hunt for transportable meals.  As I travel each week I like to take most of my meals with me – so we have been experimenting.  Any suggestions for good, nutritious and transportable meals gratefully received.  I will start posting some of our success stories.

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