I love a good plan. Combine this with loving a good holiday – and it is a match made in heaven.  A and I are in the throes of planning our Christmas getaway.  And to be frank the biggest issue we have is too many choices.   Not a bad problem to have but it does make it difficult to refine and stick to plans.

We know we will fly to Hong Kong on Christmas night.  And we have to be back at work the third week of January.  So a decent window. We definitely know we will be here on 27 December – because we have booked dinner. Alain Ducasse is A’s all time favourite chef.  We are both very excited and looking forward to an amazing experience.


We have narrowed down our list to a couple of days in Hong Kong, then off to Laos and Cambodia.  We spent time in Vietnam and Thailand last year – so now we venture to these other two countries.  Have you visited Hong Kong, Laos or Cambodia? Where would you recommend we visit/stay?

For the next few months we will be working and saving hard – getting more and more excited.  I love this part of the holiday as much as the holiday itself.

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