• a short stay in Hanoi

    A Short Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam

    A short stay in Hanoi, Vietnam. First impressions of our first visit to Hanoi, Vietnam. Find out where we stayed, what we did and what we ate. This Article may contain compensated links.  Please read our Disclaimer for more information. Hanoi, Vietnam is a great place for first time visitors to Vietnam or even South East Asia.  It is a safe city, easy to get around and a great way to start your exploration of Vietnam.  Hanoi is different to Ho Chi Minh City, in that it is a busy city but not as overwhelming as Ho Chi Minh City can be. Our first visit to Vietnam was in 2014, and…

  • Discover Petone, New Zealand
    New Zealand,  Wellington

    Discover Petone, New Zealand

    Reading time: 10 Minutes Since selling our house in August we have been housesitting in the Wellington region.  In between house sits we have been staying in Petone, Lower Hutt. We recently had two weeks in Petone and love it. Petone is a lovely seaside suburb bordered by a beach that can be wild and magnificent, or calm and placid, with wonderful views across the harbour to Wellington City. I grew up and went to School locally, so have always been aware of Petone, but it was never really a place to spend a lot of time in.  While we had been living in the general area for many years,…

  • Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour
    Europe,  UK

    Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

     Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour, London First things first, I am a Harry Potter geek, a Potterhead if you will.  I regularly read the books and have seen all the movies.  This was our first trip to Europe together, so we focused on doing all the things we really wanted.  So it was a guarantee that on my recent visit to London I would be visiting one of the centres of the Harry Potter universe – the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour, in Leavesden.  I managed to convince my ever willing husband that this too would be an experience he would love too – and the Harry Potter…

  • Is Visiting Ho Chi Minh Worth it?
    Asia,  Vietnam

    Is Visiting Ho Chi Minh City Worth It?

    This Article may contain compensated links. Please read our Disclaimer for more information. Is visiting Ho Chi Minh City worth it? Undeniably yes.  Over the last few months, I have been asked by several friends, colleagues and family members about visiting Ho Chi Minh.  Is it worth it they ask? Yes! Is it safe? Yes!  We have visited several times and this post covers some of the things we have learnt over five years of visiting.  This post covers things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, a great Ho Chi Minh market or two, our best experience with a Ho Chi Minh City tour and which hotels in Ho…

  • Asia,  Travel Essentials,  Travel Gear,  Travel Resources

    South East Asia Packing Essentials

    Heading to South East Asia and not sure what to pack?  This article may help you narrow down those items which must make it into your bag!Packing can be a pain in the butt. But you can take the hassle out of packing by making sure you have a small set of ‘go-to’ packing essential items that are all ready to go. If you are heading to South East Asia then it is useful to have a few ‘staples’ in your bag to make life a bit easier. In the last five years, we have visited Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.  Throughout our trips, we have slowly whittled down the…

  • Solo Travel
    New Zealand,  Rotorua

    Solo Travel – Spa Weekend in Rotorua, New Zealand

    Spa Weekend, Rotorua, New Zealand Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Recently I did a solo trip to Rotorua, New Zealand.   Most of my trips are with Andy so it was unusual to venture out on my own and undertake solo travel.  After doing some research about potential locations for some time out by myself I settled on Rotorua.  Why Rotorua?  It is an hour flight from Wellington where I am currently based, and I am familiar enough with the town to get around easily without having to resort to planning when and where I needed to be.  The focus for the weekend was on rest and recuperation after being sick…

  • Phnom Pen
    Asia,  Cambodia

    Top Things to do in Phnom Penh

    Cambodia is a wonderful country to visit.  One of the key places to visit in Cambodia is Phnom Penh.  We have been twice and enjoyed it both times.  South East Asia is one of our favourites areas to visit, and while we had visited Cambodia and Phnom Penh before we felt that we hadn’t really done it justice the last time we visited. Hence the return visit.  It was well worth it.  Here you will find some tips on things to do in Phnom Penh, where to stay and what to eat. Where                         Phnom Penh Getting there              We flew from Siem Reap  and Hong Kong Accommodation         We stayed here…

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