• Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
    Hawkes Bay,  New Zealand

    Hitting the road

    We are on the road, heading off on vacation for a week. We are stopping off at a family wedding tomorrow, then it is to the beach. My aims for the week are to make the big decisions of the day revolve around whether I should lie down or sit up to read. There will be lots of relaxing, card playing, Trivial Pursuits, BBQ’s and probably a few glasses of wine. According to A we are ‘in sheep and beef country’. That may be so, but it is pretty too.

  • New Zealand,  Wellington


    It feels like Summer has arrived.  I suspect by writing this I will have jinxed it – and we will be treated to rain and howling winds. Summer fruit is available and I have been scoffing strawberries and cherries like there is no tomorrow.  Apricots are just coming in – and goodness they are tasty. The Christmas wreath has gone up.  I am chuffed as this was another homemade crafting exercise which turned out way better than I expected.  So much so I have ordered all the requirement to make two more – for my parents and my sister’s house. We took some time out and headed over the hill…

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