Old memories

I have just finished leafing through an old cookbook searching for a recipe for Marshmallow Slice I used to make when I was 12.  It has been great going through the cookbook which was old and tattered thirty years ago, so is in a precious fragile state now.  The memories came flooding back as I made my way through the old, brown pages of the book.  There are my 12 year old notes and ticks next to the recipes I dearly wanted to make – and more than likely did.

The book is full of great tips like how to wash dishes, make a cup of tea and grate cheese.   I suspect many of the basic tips and tricks would come in handy for many people these days.

The best discovery of all – recipes in my grandmother’s handwriting in the back.  What a treat.

Reading the book reminded me of what it felt like to start a baking journey, discover new recipes and understand how to feed family and friends with ease.  I still love to bake and these experiences form the foundation of my baking.  My parents pretty much let me have free reign of the kitchen – as long as I didn’t use all the food for the school lunches.  This freedom was a real gift as I tried, often failed, and developed as a good and sometimes great little baker.  To this day, as a family, we like to gather around a cup of tea and some home baking. I reckon one of the most powerful things we can teach our children is the ability to feed themselves, to create wonderful things from basic ingredients like flour, butter and eggs. I love to pass on this joy to my nephew and nieces – who of course love to sample the spoils of their hard work.



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