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New Year, New Approach

It has been a while. I have had a hankering to get back on the blogging wagon.  Good Food Chronicles is Red Door Ponderings companion site – run by my husband and focused on foodie magic. So a bit more action happening there. I think Red Door Ponderings is in need of a refresh, refocus and restart.

We are on the cusp of the Year of the Rooster. Apparently a good year for fidelity and punctuality. And having just returned from Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong we were surrounded by literal and metaphorical Roosters in various shapes, forms and sizes.



hmm….where to next….maybe a shift towards looking out, exploring and travelling…..


We are Cath & Andy, avid travellers who are either travelling or planning the next trip. Come along and join us for the ride as we house sit and explore new destinations. On Red Door Ponderings you will find destination guides, travel essentials we love, and information about long-term travel in your 40s and 50s with your significant other.

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