I love quiet sunny mornings. I walk to work when in Christchurch.  Today it feels like summer is around the corner. The signs are all around:

– no more tights. Well not for some months
– strawberries. I eat loads of these. By the punnet. And then get hives.
– asparagus. A core staple of springtime meals
– eating outside
– having my breakfast coffee in the sun with a good book
– long walks with the dog
– planting enough seeds for a tribe of people. Wondering and worrying about  where to plant masses of seedlings and who to give fresh produce to
– pottering in the garden with A
– planning summer holidays.  Vietnam and Thailand here we come.
– a lovely glass of rose and/or bubbles in the sun.

Excellent. Writing that list has put a smile on my face. It is going to be a good day.

Here are some pics from my walk to work. Only in Christchurch are you surrounded by vacant or building sites.




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