I always find Mondays difficult.  I think it is the full work week stretching in front of me, along with it being mid winter – so cold and dark when I leave for work, and cold and dark when I get home. I managed to get home at a reasonable hour today, and had the house to myself for several hours.  A was out visting his grandparents – and making a few meals. Our roommate was at the gym.

So, one my favourite things to do when I have the house to myself is to put my music on loud, potter around and do some serious singing along.  I put together a new playlist on the weekend which includes various songstresses like Mary J Blige, Madonna, Estelle, Adele, Donna Summer, Barbra and the list goes on.  Oh how I sang.

So today I am grateful for having a few hours to myself.  And of course, seeing my lovely afterwards is fab too.

Here are some sweet peas from our garden over summer.  Summer seems like such a long time ago now, but this picture makes me smile and reminds me of warmer days. Lovely.

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