Living life

The weather for the last weeks has been changeable – so, normal Wellington spring weather.  I am reclaiming my life back.  I went back to work on Wednesday and was exhausted by Friday night.  But it is good to get the brain going again, starting the day by walking the dog and enjoying long (mostly) light filled days,blooming gardens, good food, good people and good times. My favourite flowers, peonies, are in season.  Wonderful.

Spring is a great time of year – aside from the abundance of great, fresh produce, it has been great to start eating al fresco.  Mind you, eating alfresco has generally required a few extra layers.  Oh, and we have been scoffing asparagus like there is no tomorrow.  Boiled or roasted. Delicious.

A come home from a weekend away with a crayfish/lobster – which was cooked this morning.  How magnificent.

Longer days has meant getting out and about much more, starting the day like this.

….and enjoying this:

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