It is Monday. Somehow I have managed to wake up exhausted. How does that happen? Nevertheless at 6.30am, following my wake up coffee, the dog and I hit the pavement. He loves his walks. I love my walks. Why am I not doing this every day?

Upon returning home it was clear I need to move my frame of thinking, and start the week with conscious, clear and positive intentions. So, here goes.

1. My work is going through a lot of change. Many of my staff and colleagues have been told their roles are disestablished. My role is unaffected. But I am not. I have behaved in ways I don’t like. So, today, I am going to think before responding, take my time and listen.

2. I am going to take my time and not race around. I have noticed even walking slower brings me a greater sense of peace and quiet.

3. I am going to smile more.

There it is. Little things I think will make a big difference. Oh, and taking the dog for a walk every day.

On another note, I was going to write about a great cafe we visited on Saturday. And, speaking of intentions, I intended to take photos of the food and write about it. But … we were piggy and too involved in our conversation, and I forgot to take pictures. I can tell you the food at Ti Kouka was great, the service was friendly and the coffee was mighty fine.

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