Hong Kong

By CJ | Asia

Dec 30

We have started part two of our South East Asian odyssey. We fell in love with this part of the world when we visited Vietnam and Thailand last year, and so this is part two. Part two of how many you may ask – well, we don’t know. We love to travel and to be honest we really want to return to this neck of the woods regularly.

We are starting in Hong Kong for a few days. Not strictly South East Asia but it is our gateway…so we thought we may as well check it out. We have booked an apartment through Airbnb . It is central, teeny tiny and reasonably priced. Can’t go wrong. Here is our view…slightly different from home.


Where we ate?

As A is a chef and I am a foodie – we tend to explore places through food. And we have not been disappointed so far – quite the opposite. So much so, we are currently lining up – for the second time – at Tim Ho Wan. Go on google it. When we came to Hong Kong last year there was a queue. We didn’t line up because we are from little ole New Zealand and don’t queue. Upon reflection, that was a mistake. So when we arrived this time our timing was good, it took 30 mins to get to the front of the queue. And holey moley….there is a reason this place is good. The food is stupendous. Amazing. Best BBQ pork buns I have ever tasted. So, on our final day in Hong Kong we are lining up again.

We also ate at Yardbird. The food was fab and the cocktails were amazing. It was heaving when we got there around 7.30pm, but the most excellent service ensured we were well fed and watered. Definitely a must visit when in Hong Kong.

Okey dokey, Hong Kong has been full on and intense. Next stop, Hanoi. We were in Hanoi last year, and loved it. So, looking forward to exploring this great city once again.


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sophierose233 December 31, 2014

Great post! Thanks for sharing! I do love a good BBQ Pork Bun!

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