Holiday routines

By CJ | Travel planning

Jun 17

We are on holiday in a beautiful pacific island idyll. Every time I go on holiday I manage to scream to the holiday deadline at a frantic pace, so exhausted I can’t sleep and needless to say very ratty. We are on holiday for two weeks – in a location where to be frank there is very little to do but sleep, swim, read, play cards….you get the idea. We have had these types of holidays before but never for this long.

The first three days of the holiday will be about resting and catching up on much needed sleep. Nothing much more complicated than that. Why is it that I repeat the exercise every time we go on holiday – starting off knackered and excited. My aim is to get to a point where I go on holiday without freaking out – and then needing to sleep and rest for a couple of days – so I am actually ready to relax. Sad but true. But I own it. If I own it, I can control it.

Anyway I digress. The aim for the next two weeks? Not much really. I will polish off a good number of books – some of highly debatable quality but who cares. We will play a lot of euchre. We will attend cocktail hour frequently and be in bed by 8pm – just because we can. We will enjoy the silence of just being. We will get to spend some proper time together which doesn’t involve doing a myriad of tasks which have to be repeated tomorrow and the next day…..

What are your tricks for getting to your holiday without being absolutely frazzled and knackered?


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Ann June 17, 2014

I don’t think there are any tricks to relaxing before going on holiday, unless you have a holiday before you go on holiday. There’s always work to finish up, the packing to do, and the domestics, before you go. Chillax cousin x

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