Holiday glow

By CJ | Pacific Islands

Jul 05
Holiday in Samoa

After two weeks of holiday in Samoa we are focusing on maintaining our wonderful holiday glow. You know the glow. Where you appear to move through life floating on a cloud. Nothing phases you. You go with the flow. Lovely.

Part of maintaining the glow is remembering how wonderful our trip was. Our holiday in Samoa reminded us how much we enjoy each others company and how easily we settle back into being together – after months of hectic lives where we weren’t in the same city for most of the time. The highlights of our trip? Doing nothing, being warm all the way through, sunny days, visiting the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum , reading copious amounts of books, afternoon cocktails, eating raw fish, pawpaw, coconuts……

We know we are very lucky to be able to travel so frequently. We focus on working hard, saving hard and enjoying the things we love to do – which is travel. Now, we have to start dreaming and planning our next trip….all while maintaining our tiny bubble of holiday goodness. Any tips or tricks?


Aga Reef Resort



Aga Reef

Sun Loungers, Aga Reef Resort, Samoa 2014


Aga Reef Lagoon




Oka - Raw Fish

Oka Raw Fish, Sinalei, Samoa July 2014



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