I am in hospital for the third time in as many months. While this blows, it is also a nice reminder about what is important in life. It puts life in perspective, and I think has made me a better, calmer person.

But….I do have important questions like:
– why do I seem to get nurses with attitude? You know the ones who tell you you are wrong when you know you aren’t. Don’t get me wrong, nurses have a hard job, dealing with folk at their most vulnerable but sometimes I seem to strike the ones who are just having a bad day
– why do all the staff shout in hospital? I am 41. I have no problems hearing you, in fact I can hear you when you are talking to patients in the next room.
– why do I score the bed right next to the kitchen area? Constant running water means constant trips to the facilities.

Heavens, a little bit of a moan. I am immensely grateful to be well looked after. I suspect a week of not sleeping properly and going under a general are catching up with me.

As always, family and friends have been wonderful. Rallying round to provide plenty of light hearted relief and laughter and support. You just can’t beat it. And of course my darling sweetheart giving me olympic updates via text and arriving with a thermos of great coffee this morning. How lucky am I?!

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