Getting sorted

2013 is going to be a big year.  I can feel it will be a great year full of challenges, new horizons, celebrations and a zesty, positive life.

2012 was tough. It was tough but through tough times you learn a lot about yourself.  I learnt a lot about myself, my relationship with my partner and my relationship with my family. After 7 months in and out of hospital, and putting life on hold, I know I can handle the tough stuff.  I know I have a family who loves me.  I know I have a partner who finds it difficult to see me going into surgery, in pain and in hospital.  I know that most of the battle is mental so keeping positive and working hard on living a positive and grateful life is essential.  I am proud I did.  This blog was an important part of the process.  This blog is an important part of this process going forward.

So, 2013.  Bring it on.  New job in a new city in two weeks.  Getting married in a month. That is a pretty good opener for the year. This year I am going to face challenges head on, not be afraid to try new things – and give it a go.

January has been good.  Mostly warm, taking time to be at home, slowing down, gardening, preserving – all have been a focus.  I have rediscovered the gym and physically working hard.  It has been a long time and I had forgotten how much I like feeling strong and moving around. The exercise along with eating well – good fresh food – can’t beat it.



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