Getting organised

It has been a wonderful weekend.  The sun shone the whole weekend, and it has a touch of warmth in it too.  I have been becoming increasingly frustrated by being surrounded by mess – including a garden that has not been weeded in months.  So, this weekend we focused on getting things in order.  Surprisingly, but not really, it didn’t actually take us too long to get the garden sorted.  We have planted seedlings and sown some seeds, so hopefully, we will have all our summer greens straight from the garden.  So many things ticked off the list this weekend, including:

  • garden weeded
  • moved blueberry and rhubarb from pots to garden
  • sewing seeds in preparation for summer
  • cleaned out the car
  • did all our washing.

And the best thing of all.  I got to spend a good proportion of the day with my nieces doing very important things like blowing bubbles, watching birds eat food from the dog bowl (!), having a picnic lunch and reading.  Added bonus of lots of cuddles and kisses.  What a great weekend.

There is something lovely about the sun beaming through the front door in a morning.  Wonderful.

Here are some snaps of before and after of the garden.



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