I am going to fess up.  I love Christmas.  To be precise, I love the run up to Christmas.  Making presents, decorating the house, anticipating a couple of weeks off work. My whole family is like this.  Mum starts playing carols from early December and we have developed many wonderful family traditions over the years.  It is great to now enact these very same traditions we loved as children with the littlies.

It has been another busy weekend.  A and I have been focusing on staying around the house, and starting to tackle all those little jobs that we haven’t gotten around to for a very long time.  This weekend my sister B needed to get out and about and do some Christmas shopping – a task that can’t really be done with a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old in tow.

So, A and I had the girls for most of Saturday.  And we tackled some lovely Christmas chores. Two things were on the top of our list – making gingerbread and putting up our tree.  The girls were beside themselves with excitement – and by the time they went home they were also beside themselves with all the sugar they had scoffed.  We have a long standing tradition in our family – christmas carols must accompany any significant Christmassy activity.  I have been using 8tracks a lot – and managed to find some great Christmas mixes that kept us going for a while. And so, away we went….

Ready to bakeIMG_2537

And then the fun really began.  The girls were really focused on their efforts – and to be honest more went in their mouths than anywhere else – although they did get liberally covered in icing and chocolate.  Lovely.  We made sure there were liberal supplies of sweets, icing, sprinkles and chocolate to keep little hands (and mouths) very busy.


more mess

B went home with a very large stash of very, very yummy gingerbread.  Recipe courtesy of The Joy of Cooking. Very easy, just spicey enough and good and crunchy.  Just how gingerbread should be.


Today, it has been windy and cold.  A great day for staying inside and doing inside activity.  I have been sewing bunting for our wedding.  I have never made it before – and was surprised at how easy it was. I used this site as a guide.  I hadn’t realised just how easy it is to make.  So, as is my way, I also whipped up a festive set of bunting.  Both sets have gone up – because to be honest I still can’t believe I can sew well enough to put my productions up around the house.  So, the wedding bunting went up too.  It is pretty, but not festive – and I don’t care.  I will have to make many, many more between now and the end of February!  Here are some pics….

Christmas bunting

Wedding bunting

What traditions do you have that are a must this time of year?


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