I hope you have enjoyed A’s posts. I suspect this will be a regular occurence. I am enjoying reading his thoughts and views about the various eateries we visit on our Date Nights. We realise we are really privileged to be able to get out and about, and know that Wellington (and Christchurch) have a plethora of places for us to explore. The great thing A can add is he is a professional. He has spent 30 years in kitchens and (I am totally biased) is a great chef. He can offer much more insightful analyses of tucker than me. I know if I like something or not – but I can’t really tell you the techniques which have been applied incorrectly or perfectly, or ingredients which are just not right. A can, and will.

Our Date Nights have become an important ritual – and while mostly have been us enjoying a meal out, they do occasionally include a night in. We both love food, and really enjoy the experience of dining out – being looked after, trying new food, getting inspiration for our own creations. So there will be many more tales of our adventures.

Speaking of which….

It is winter in New Zealand. It is chilly. For the last week it has also been wet and grey. There is something quite lovely about retreating indoors, reading, playing scrabble, catching up with friends and family. We have skipped the big city this weekend and headed up the coast. We stay in A’s family bach. It is a short walk from the beach and rustic. And best of all, it has open fire. Decadence in winter. It is roaring as I sit here writing. True bliss. Wonderful how simple things make life pretty great. And I can hear A rattling around looking for the scrabble while dinner cooks. Pretty good all round.

Roaring fire

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