Competition part 2

Tomorrow we have to stump up with our entries for the second stage of our baking competition as part of the Wellington Bake Club.  We are to make brownies.  To be honest if I were in a bakery I would not chose to buy a brownie, and so have never really made them.  But I do like competition and winning – so I am prepared to throw all care to the wind and give it a go.

I watched a show on Food TV a couple of weeks ago which was focused solely on brownies.  But, can I find the programme or the recipes – no!  So back to square one.
So, I have spent days researching the right level of decadence in a brownie.  I have landed on…..Salted Caramel Brownies.  These look tongue curlingly sweet and decadent.  Plus they will give me the chance to use a product I have been dying to buy – Dulche de Leche.  I have not bought this product in the past due to the high scoffing risk.  I have adapted the recipe slightly by adding peanut butter and using the caramel, instead of melted caramel sweets.  I added a bit more flour to accommodate the additional fat from the peanut butter, so hopefully it will work out.
My goodness.  I dutifully went and purchased my variety of ingredients – including locally sourced products as per the requirements of the competition Whittakers Chocolate and Hansells Vanilla Extract.

I don’t bake this sort of thing anymore.  Primarily because we have no will power and it gets scoffed.  But, given I will have to turn up tomorrow with a plentiful supply of brownies – which means no chance for scoffing, I am prepared to go all out and aim for true decadence.

Well, here goes….see you on the other (sugar laden) side…..

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