Changing seasons

Today there is a crispness in the air which really feels autumnal.  Daylight savings has ended, and even though it feels like we really haven’t had a proper summer, it is nice to feel the season change.  Alongside the weather and darker mornings, the food we eat starts to change.  And, after a week of having way to many cups of teas and cake – today my body was telling me it was in dire need of some clean food.

The first of our feijoa trees is fruiting. These means kilos and kilos of glorious green goodness.  We reckon we have given away at least 12 kilos of fruit so far, and I have been scoffing them too.  Will take a bag to work tomorrow and share the love.  Alongside the feijoa our wonderful golden raspberries have been fruiting. The raspberries are the plant I am most pleased about planting several years ago.  We don’t get huge amounts of fruit – but we get enough for me to have a delish feijoa and raspberry fruit salad with dinner. Yum.

Anyway, back to clean food.  My all time favourite salad is a beetroot and carrot combo.  This may sound boring but once you add orange, toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, red pepper, chia and linseed – goodness.  deliciousness on a plate.  I also added some Zany Zeus Creamy Feta for some zing.  I served on some quinoa and dressed it with some orange and lemon juice.  Delish.  Everything turns pink but tasty goodness all the same.


We live across the river from the Zany Zeus store.  It is great to be able to support local producers.  And their products.  Well their products are pretty amazing.  The feta is fab, we also love the cream cheese, haloumi, ricotta, ice cream……Needless to say we are regulars.  The product is so good it is worth a special trip – and they deliver.  What more can you ask.

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