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  • Guide to Buying the Best Travel Backpack
    Travel Gear

    Guide to Buying the Best Travel Backpack

    A travel backpack is that key piece of equipment that can make your journey easier or just plain painful.  Choosing the right backpack for travelling can make or break your trip or budget! We have been on many trips over the years and used a wide variety of backpacks and know what it means to have chosen the wrong backpack – and so does my husband as I complained non-stop while wearing an ill-fitting, too large or uncomfortable pack!  So, choosing the right backpack is a big decision and one that can impact on your journey from day 1! Continue Reading

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    South East Asia Packing Essentials

    Heading to South East Asia and not sure what to pack?  This article may help you narrow down those items which must make it into your bag!Packing can be a pain in the butt. But you can take the hassle out of packing by making sure you have a small set of ‘go-to’ packing essential items that are all ready to go. If you are heading to South East Asia then it is useful to have a few ‘staples’ in your bag to make life a bit easier. In the last five years, we have visited Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.  Throughout our trips, we have slowly whittled down the…

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