Wellington, New Zealand's Capital City is a gem to visit.  Nestled around a beautiful harbour, Wellington is a beautiful city - the Cultural Capital of New Zealand.  A real foodie destination well worth exploring.  Find out what we love in our home town Wellington.

  • Wellington

    Rising early

    One of the benefits of getting to work very early are the stunning autumnal sunrises. What a way to start the day. Living life to the fullest. Posted from WordPress for Android

  • Wellington


    It has been a lovely sunny weekend, not overly warm, but sunny nevertheless. We took the little girls to the Lamb and Calf Show.  It was a great morning. There must have been…

  • Wellington


    Today is going to be a good day.  I can just tell.  The sun is shining.  I had a quiet breakfast and coffee sitting outside reading the paper.  All by myself.  It was…

  • New Zealand,  Wellington


    It feels like Summer has arrived.  I suspect by writing this I will have jinxed it – and we will be treated to rain and howling winds. Summer fruit is available and I…

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