Wellington, New Zealand's Capital City is a gem to visit.  Nestled around a beautiful harbour, Wellington is a beautiful city - the Cultural Capital of New Zealand.  A real foodie destination well worth exploring.  Find out what we love in our home town Wellington.

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    It has been a lovely sunny weekend, not overly warm, but sunny nevertheless. We took the little girls to the Lamb and Calf Show.  It was a great morning. There must have been several thousand people there, which to be frank made it a bit overwhelming. Nearly four year olds also don’t understand queuing – with Miss I charging right up to have her turn on the bouncy castle. There were pony rides, petting zoos and loads of sweets. A had packed a picnic for post show. There is something quite lovely about homemade sandwiches after a morning of fresh air. Today, we tackled the garden. We have been striking…

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    Today is going to be a good day.  I can just tell.  The sun is shining.  I had a quiet breakfast and coffee sitting outside reading the paper.  All by myself.  It was wonderful.   I am sitting here listening to the chickens next door making their morning chicken noises, looking at the beautiful gerbera which I bought on Saturday and thinking what a great life I have.  Lovely. Nothing much planned for the day but it will involve the gym at some stage and probably copious amounts of reading while sitting in the sun.  That is the reward for working like a trojan in the garden yesterday.  And tidying the…

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    Time of bounty

    It is summer here in New Zealand.  This is also a time of plentiful growth in the garden and plenty of supplies at the local market.  Our garden has been blooming, and after a day of weeding and planting seedlings it now looks like this. Our garden is riddled with oxalis which is the bane of my life, every time I tidy a patch of garden – poof – it reappears!  All tips on how to remove this weed gratefully received.  Anyway, back to the point of this post, Summer is a time of plenty.  We are clearly going to have a bumper crop of tomatoes.  Yesterday we picked four…

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    It feels like Summer has arrived.  I suspect by writing this I will have jinxed it – and we will be treated to rain and howling winds. Summer fruit is available and I have been scoffing strawberries and cherries like there is no tomorrow.  Apricots are just coming in – and goodness they are tasty. The Christmas wreath has gone up.  I am chuffed as this was another homemade crafting exercise which turned out way better than I expected.  So much so I have ordered all the requirement to make two more – for my parents and my sister’s house. We took some time out and headed over the hill…

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