Wellington, New Zealand's Capital City is a gem to visit.  Nestled around a beautiful harbour, Wellington is a beautiful city - the Cultural Capital of New Zealand.  A real foodie destination well worth exploring.  Find out what we love in our home town Wellington.

  • Discover Petone, New Zealand
    New Zealand,  Wellington

    Discover Petone, New Zealand

    Reading time: 10 Minutes Since selling our house in August we have been housesitting in the Wellington region.  In between house sits we have been staying in Petone, Lower Hutt. We recently had two weeks in Petone and love it. Petone is a lovely seaside suburb bordered by a beach that can be wild and magnificent, or calm and placid, with wonderful views across the harbour to Wellington City. I grew up and went to School locally, so have always been aware of Petone, but it was never really a place to spend a lot of time in.  While we had been living in the general area for many years,…

  • Guide to Wellington, Wellington Art
    New Zealand,  Wellington

    A Beginner’s Guide to Wellington New Zealand

    Wellington New Zealand, has been called the ‘Coolest Little Capital in the World’.  I am not going to argue with that.  Wellington is a small city nestled on a beautiful harbor, surrounded by a lovely accessible green belt and a ‘couple’ of hills.  The upside of those hills – the view.  This is our Beginner’s Guide to Wellington City, where we share some of our favourite places to visit, things to do, and of course, to eat.   Recently, I posted about having a staycation, which got me to thinking – if I had a good friend coming to Wellington for the first time, what would I recommend they absolutely…

  • New Zealand,  Wellington


    It is Easter Weekend this weekend in New Zealand. This means it is a four day weekend for most of us (those of us who work for ourselves may approach it slightly differently though).  We are in the middle of getting our house ready to sell and will be doing final touch ups over the weekend, so the house will look better than it ever has. So this means we aren’t heading away for the long weekend, and have decided to stay home and enjoy our house while it is still ours, discover some new experiences in Wellington – and rest.  House selling is tiring and stressful! We have decided…

  • Wellington Restaurants
    New Zealand,  Wellington

    Ombra, Wellington

    On a windy afternoon, post haircut I headed to Ombra, located on Cuba Street, Wellingotn.  I was in heaven having a glass of prosecco and brocolli fritters – solo – at Ombra.  We dine at Ombra frequently, and I think it is one of the best Wellington restaurants.  Ombra is fab, great service and great food. Plus it is a perfect place for a mid afternoon apertif.  Although I could do without the teenagers arguing with their mother at the next table.  A first world problem. Ombra is a buzzy place which gets very, very busy in the evening.  It is small plates dining which is perfect if there is…

  • New Zealand,  Wellington

    Things I have learnt

    I now work for myself.  Which means I have to relearn a whole lot of skills which have lain dormant (if they existed at all) because for over 15 years I have had staff and teams of people to work with, to get projects over the line.  Now, it is just me.  Oh, and I am partnering with my mother – which is working out very well. But in reality, if I need business cards I have to order them.  Oh, and before I order them I have to design them.  If I need a meeting booked, or documents copied/formatted/tarted up – yep, me again. Travel booked?  Me again. So…

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