Beautiful Rotorua is a wonderful place to visit, explore and stay.  Find out what we love, where we stay and what we do in Rotorua.  Where we go to and what we do in Rotorua

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    New Zealand,  Rotorua

    Solo Travel – Spa Weekend in Rotorua, New Zealand

    Spa Weekend, Rotorua, New Zealand Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Recently I did a solo trip to Rotorua, New Zealand.   Most of my trips are with Andy so it was unusual to venture out on my own and undertake solo travel.  After doing some research about potential locations for some time out by myself I settled on Rotorua.  Why Rotorua?  It is an hour flight from Wellington where I am currently based, and I am familiar enough with the town to get around easily without having to resort to planning when and where I needed to be.  The focus for the weekend was on rest and recuperation after being sick…

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