Christchurch, New Zealand is a wonderful place to visit.  There is so much to do, see and eat - you must put Christchurch on your list!

  • Christchurch,  New Zealand

    Time out

    We are away for the second weekend in three weeks. Very lovely, and it occured by accident. We will soldier on though. We have spent this weekend in Hanmer Springs. We have done a day trip here when I was working in Christchurch, so were familiar with the place.  This time, we booked a cottage through Airbnb. Oh my. It is quite lovely. Quiet, beautiful view, roaring fire and excellent company. Just lovely. Did I mention it is quiet? This was my view for my morning yoga. Magic. It is pretty spectacular at dusk too….      

  • Christchurch
    Christchurch,  New Zealand


    It is Spring. In Wellington where I mostly live this means howling winds, changeable weather and the odd glorious day. And as always, carrying a cardy ‘ just in case’. In Christchurch this means warm sunny days. Hence the need for flexibility. Going with the flow, wearing layers so one can be added or taken off wherever I am. The best thing though is daylight savings. It is light until 8pm at least. It feels like I have more time. And it feels like getting out for a walk after work should be the only thing on the agenda. I work 5 minutes walk from the Christchurch Botanical Gardens, so…

  • Christchurch,  New Zealand


    The earth has been moving. We have had a few decent shakes in the last week. This has made me slightly obsessive about checking Geonet, sleeping with a change of clothes nearby and thinking about where our safe haven would be (tbc). Ironically I escaped the rocking and rolling by heading to work as usual in Christchurch. The last week has been a reminder about preparedness and thankfulness, both of which are a bit more present today. On another completely different note, it feels like Spring is on the horizon. This may be wishful thinking, but I am going to wish away. Here is the moon as I walked to…

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