New Zealand's largest City and the World's Largest Polynesian City, Auckland is a wonderful place to visit.  A large sprawling city it can sometimes be difficult to navigate and find gems - without travelling for miles and miles.  Find out the delights we have discovered in Auckland and why you should visit.

  • Auckland,  New Zealand

    Yummy Food in Auckland

    The sun is shining today after what feels like endless wet grey days.  It has been a busy few weeks.  Last weekend we were in Auckland – where it was sunny and warm.  We made our way around some great eateries and ate very very well.  As always some places were better than others, but overall I was surprised with the quality of the food and service. Federal Delicatessen was a great place to start the day.  Bottomless coffee and good tucker.  This place really set us up for hours of walking up and down Auckland’s central city.   In the evening we headed off for a few cocktails and…

  • Auckland,  New Zealand

    Fig season

    It is fig season. And apple, feijoa and kiwifruit season. I love this time of year. It is full a sweet and tart fruity goodness.  We stopped in at Al Brown’s Depot for a late lunch. We had the most magnificent fig toasties. Figs, arugula,  prosciutto,  blue cheese. Holy moley. If you are Auckland check it out. Great food, service and atmosphere. Can’t go wrong.

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