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  • Central Station, Rotterdam

    And….We’re Back

    We have been missing in action for a while from this space.  We have been travelling for nine months now, and just returned to the UK after 11 weeks on the road. So now it is time to refocus, spend a lot of time updating Red Door Ponderings, and either getting jobs or creating new opportunities. \We have been living out of a suitcase for 12 months.  We are still talking to each other and, dare I say it, even enjoying each others company a bit more.  I recently wrote a piece on my experiences travelling as an indigenous woman and realised that while we have been posting a bit here…

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    Getting Ready for Long Term Travel

    Making the decision to undertake long term travel can be daunting. Find out how to get ready for a long trip, develop a long term travel packing checklist and a few long term travel tips and tricks. Long Term Travel has long been a dream of ours. In November we packed up our lives and set off on our adventure of a lifetime through long term travel – this post is about what we did to get ready and what we have learnt so far.  After decades of working hard we made the leap into the unknown, sold our house and set off to travel and explore the world  So now,…

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    Common sense is not that common

    This may seem obvious, and upon reflection it is.  My big learning for the day is:  don’t ride your bike to town if the handlebars and seat aren’t screwed on tightly.  You will look like the bike equivalent of a clown car.  You will have problems steering in a straight line.  Your arms, hips and legs will be moving in different directions. Plus I suspect it may be slightly dangerous. Fortunately I was on quiet back roads. I think I left my brain in bed this morning.  I have often been on my high horse about people with no common sense.  Today, I was that person. The Shame.

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