Planning Ahead

Ok. I admit it. Deciding to head out for breakfast in Melbourne at 10.30am, googling ‘great breakfast near me’ and expecting a seat may have been a touch naive. I prefer to think of it as ambitious and worth giving a bit of a nudge.

It appears there were a few other people who were also looking to have breakfast in Melbourne at exactly the same time….

Melbourne, brunch, Hardware Societie, Timothy Lane

Brunch queues Melbourne

This image doesn’t show the masses of people at the other end of the line – also queuing. Coming from New Zealand I am not used to queueing to get into places. Plus I am a touch impatient – so it was a no from me.

A New Discovery

Upside is that it is a stunning day in Melbourne and there are loads of places to eats. So I am not going to starve.

Right around the corner I discovered 1000£Bend which to be honest is more my cup of tea. Nice simple menu. Good coffee. Friendly staff. A place a bit rough round the edges but very good in the right way.

Brunch, Melbourne, 1000£ Bend

Breakfast Menu 1000£ Bend

Breakfast in Melbourne

Yummy Brunch @ 1000£ Bend. Brunch, Melbourne, delicious, great food.

And the food was blooming good. I am married to a chef (Good Food Chronicles), so I am lucky to eat superb food all the time. The downside of this is that I now recognise crappy food at 50 paces.

This place is good. Added bonus, the avocado was served with a slice of lemon. A small thing, but important. I usually have to ask for lemon so I am pleased. Two thumbs up from me! Check it out if you are in Melbourne.

Breakfast in Melbourne

Great brunch, Melbourne, 1000£ Bend, Little Lonsdale

Breakfast in Melbourne


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