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We are Cath & Andy, avid travellers who are either travelling or planning the next trip. Come along and join us for the ride as we house sit and explore new destinations. On Red Door Ponderings you will find destination guides, travel essentials we love, and information about long-term travel in your 40s and 50s with your significant other.

Apr 05

Guide to Buying the Best Travel Backpack

By CJ | Travel Gear

A travel backpack is that key piece of equipment that can make your journey easier or just plain painful.  Choosing the right backpack for travelling can make or break your trip or budget! We have been on many trips over the years and used a wide variety of backpacks and know what it means to […]

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Mar 20

Getting Ready for Long Term Travel

By CJ | Blog

Making the decision to undertake long term travel can be daunting. Find out how to get ready for a long trip, develop a long term travel packing checklist and a few long term travel tips and tricks. Long Term Travel has long been a dream of ours. In November we packed up our lives and set […]

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Mar 09

Paris in Winter

By CJ | Europe

Visiting Paris in Winter is a great way of experiencing this wonderful city, without the queues! Find out the best things to do, eat and places to stay when visiting Paris in Winter. This Article may contain compensated links. Please read our Disclaimer for more information. When is the best time to travel to Paris? […]

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Feb 26

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

By CJ | Asia

Visiting Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam as a couple or family is simple, straightfoward and safe. Find out what we did and where we stayed. This Article may contain compensated links. Please read our Disclaimer for more information. Phú Quốc is a Vietnamese island off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand.  If […]

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Feb 21

Visiting Stonehenge

By CJ | Europe

Visiting Stonehenge in Amsebury, UK is a once in a life time opportunity. Find out how to get there, where to stay and how to visit Stonehenge. This Article may contain compensated links. Please read our Disclaimer for more information. Stonehenge is perhaps the world’s most famous prehistoric monument.  As we were house sitting in […]

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Feb 08

How to get your first Housesit

By CJ | House Sitting

So, you want to be a House Sitter? Housesitting is a wonderful way to discover new parts of the world, meet new people and connect with animals.  Since selling our house in the middle of 2017 we have been house sitting.  We spent six months house sitting in our hometown Wellington, New Zealand and are […]

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Jan 26

A Short Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam

By CJ | Vietnam

A short stay in Hanoi, Vietnam. First impressions of our first visit to Hanoi, Vietnam. Find out where we stayed, what we did and what we ate. This Article may contain compensated links.  Please read our Disclaimer for more information. Hanoi, Vietnam is a great place for first time visitors to Vietnam or even South East […]

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