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Jul 10

Once again A raids his wife’s blogspace. I would like to write another little critique of the restaurant we went to last Thursday, sorry it’s a little late.

Restaurant 88 was this weeks choice, this is a contempary Vietnamese restaurant in Wellington’s Tory street. 88 happens to be a bit of a family favourite so it is well known within the fold.

I started off with a crispy fried rice fritter and  lemongrass marinated chicken which was served with the obligatory Vietnamese salad of carrot, coriander, red onion and mung sprouts with lime, oil and fish sauce dressing, delicious although I was expecting more of a lime zing given that it’s the height of lime season here in NZ.

C  began with her favourite “Summer” rolls, a fresh rice paper roll filled with prawns, rice noodles, Vietnamese mint and pork with a spiced bean and peanut dipping sauce. Very nice.

The service at 88 is great, our water was constantly topped up and the waitrons asked whether our meals were up to standard for each course. Very efficient and friendly service.

For the main course C had a delicious and enormous lemongrass beef salad with cispy spring rolls, cha gio bun, a beebung of huge proportions, dressed with lime and fish sauce. Filled with vegetables and rice noodles it was a hearty salad, half of which we took home with us.

My main was the Bun Hoi, the “shaking”  beef platter with crisp spring rolls, pork meat balls, wok tossed beef, rice noodle and a spicy dipping sauce.

All in all a pleasant dining experience. I feel that 88 is a little over priced for Vietnamese. ( I have a favourite little Vietnamese place that is half the price , the kind of place you eat then leave, fluorescent lighting, formica tables and plastic tablecloths, one does not tarry but the food is great! I will review it in the near future ).

So, 88 gets the thumbs up for its decor, modern warm and friendly. $100 for two including two wines and two beers, quite reasonable fare really, I should nae complain.

I recommend it to those who are happy to try contemperary asian cuisine. The food is fresh with clean tastes and designed to please its dining public. 6/10

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