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A here, C’s hubby. I wanted to offer a little critique of a  Wellington restaurant we tried out on our  Thursday date night. This is a regular weekly ritual that we have incorporated into our busy lives. I collect C from the airport and we head off to a pre-selected venue for a drink and some food.

This week we decided on a relatively new little restaurant called Ombra, Venetian for shadow, according to our native Venetian waitron. Named as such because, in Venice , it is most common for the locals to head out as the sun is setting for a drink and something to eat.

Menu Ombra

To start we had Cicheti, translating as little. These are tapa style nibbles, our selections were polenta chips with fried sage and little potato crochetta, like the delicious French croquettes. The polenta chips were texturally very nice but unfortunately tainted with over used deep frying oil. Our next course consisted of a fresh mozerella, tomato and basil pizette (little pizza) simple and delicious. To follow we had beef and orange meatballs, a radicchio, roquette, pear and pecorino cheese salad, delicate, with complimentary flavours. The sauce on the meatballs was a beef stock reduction scented with orange juice and rind, reduced and thickened slightly with a starch and finished with a monte buerre. We received 3 meatballs but I notice the couple in the table next to us received four. Dissapointed.

Anyway, not all bad, C had a delicious cocktail of lime, ginger beer and gin which we subsequently emulated on Friday night at home, with fresh limes from our own tree, some Tanqueray and a bit of ginger beer.

All in all Ombra was a nice experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is upper Cuba St in Wellington and has an hour or two to kill.



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