An early night

It is early and I am tucked up in bed. Today has been a hard day, one where I feel like lots of energy was sucked from me but not much was offered back to replenish. My tendency in the past has been to worry and replay events over and over. This generally results in a sleepless night, which results in me having even less energy. So, a vicious cycle.

BUT I am trying hard to reframe and rethink. So, I am in bed early. I got home late from work but made the effort to put on my walking gears and took the dog out. We have both porked up – me because I have had two ops in the last three months, and the dog? Well, he is a piggy dog who needs walks. I have strayed off track….where was I?….walking the dog. It is amazing what a blast of exercise does for the mind and body. Only 2k today, but I am easing into it.

So, today I have several things to be grateful for

8. Getting the all clear (nearly – only one more check up) from the hospital
9. Having colleagues who ‘keep it real’ and are up for a laugh
10. Being able to get out for a walk with the dog
11. A very excited dog when he sees my walking gears

So, all in all, plenty to be grateful for. Lovely. All is well again.

This is a picture from a few months ago, a happy picture that reflects how today has ended.


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