Today I went from this – grey and blustery

To this- warm, still and sunny


These are a good reflection of the dichotomy I can feel my life becoming. We are adjusting to me not being home for most of the week – although it may end up being fewer nights away from home once it all settles – and then reentering home life in a flurry. I am adjusting to flying solo in a place where I don’t really know anyone. A is adjusting to an empty house, flying solo (in reverse), and me being in and out. I suspect it doesn’t help that we are on the countdown to getting married next week – so loads of jobs to do, decisions to be taken, extra people around.

Adjusting is hard. There are some things we are doing to help make it easier:
– be ultra organised
– plan your meals, buy a cooler bag, and take fresh, familiar food with you
– make sure you keep in touch – texting, skype, viber, phone calls. Make it regular and frequent. Say good morning and good night – just like at home
– plan date nights. Time out – just the two of you
– be patient
– exercise. Go for a walk.

We are a work in progress.

And to finish off, beautiful flowers. We had a practice run for our wedding flowers. Gorgeous!


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