A hard day?

Today was a hard day. Well, it felt like a hard day. When I look back on the day there were actually some great bits to it. But it only took one piece of news to knock me off my perch, and in the scheme of things it wasn’t even significant news.

One of the main reasons I started writing this blog was to make a conscious effort to recognise and acknowledge the wonderful life I have. A wonderful life filled with moments of delight – big and small. Moments like getting a lovely cuddle from my gorgeous nieces and even my 14 year old nephew, arriving home from yoga to find my favourite dinner had been cooked or anticipating settling down with a book.

The mere process of writing puts things in perspective, makes me think about how I want to be, and hopefully will help me become a more in tune version of myself. A version that doesn’t take the knocks too much to heart, but learns from them, and moves on. I want to be that person. Practice, reflection and acknowledging great things will pave the way.

On being grateful – it is raining and I am tucked up in bed with a book. A pretty nice ending to any day.


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