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16 Places to Find Great Street Art

If you love Art, travelling and getting off the beaten track then discovering new Street Art locations could be your next travel bonanza.  In this article, we are lucky to have 16 travelers from across the globe share their favorite Street Art spots.  You may be familiar with some of these spots, and hopefully, some will be new to you and may make the list for your future travels.


Our first official introduction to Street Art was in post quake Christchurch, which held a Street Art Festival and is now one of the key New Zealand destinations for Street Art.  While we had seen Street Art in our travels, this was the first time we understood it was a global movement and there are professional street artists, street art festivals and even street art hotels!

What Is Street Art?

Street Art is generally found in urban areas and public spaces and is often connected to political ideas, contemporary discussion or social commentary.  Graffiti and Street Art were often seen as eyesores, not consistent with how cities saw themselves.  Times are changing.  The success of Street Art and graffiti is altering how some Cities are viewed and can sit side by side with business and residential neighbourhoods.  Street Art is now also positively impacting on tourism across the globe, with Street Art tours popping up all over the place.


The wonderful thing about Street Art is that it is accessible to everyone.  You don’t need to pay an entrance fee or belong to an organisation to enjoy it.  Often, all you need is the courage to get off the beaten path to see it. All you need to do is peer around, under and behind buildings, bridges and public spaces – plus get a few tips about where to look. One of our favourite things to do when we arrive in a new city is to explore the Street Art – if will often take you to different neighbourhoods and gives you a chance to see alternative sides of new places.


Street Art can be temporary in nature which adds to the excitement of finding new pieces of art before they disappear.  Check out where our travelers think you will see wonderful Street Art.

Best Places To See Street Art 

Wellington, New Zealand

Cath & Andy at Red Door Ponderings


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We have visited some great Street Art spots around the world but we can’t go past our hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.  Wellington, the Worlds Coolest Little Capital, is also considered the Cultural Capital of New Zealand.  Alongside the substantial amount of public sculpture throughout Wellington, there is also a burgeoning Street Art scene.  Wellington Street Art is well worth checking out – head up Cuba Street, down the Laneways or just wander around town stopping for coffee or a craft beer along the way (it would be rude not to).

The Wellington City Council has an active Art on Walls programme pakiTARA-toi.  You will be able to find where Street Art is located and information about the artists who created the works. Wellington is a compact and walkable city, making it easy to get out and spot Street Art.  


Where to find street art

Unicorn by Kelly Spencer 2016, Wellington, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

Suzy from Suzy Stories


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Christchurch is blessed to be adorned with wonderfully vibrant artworks decorating the walls of old and new buildings across around the city. As a result of the 2010-2011 earthquakes that damaged so many buildings, street art has sprung up in all sorts of places from the derelict to the restored and everything in between. Many of the works pay tribute to the resilient nature and strength of community that makes Christchurch so special and adds the character and charm that brings a city to life.

With no specific area designated as the hub of street art, it’s often a pleasant surprise to find unusual pieces in unexpected places, and there’s always a chance to discover something new. Walking through Christchurch is a joy with so many different styles and forms of artwork including familiar wall murals and more unique installations found in every corner. I would highly recommend a lazy day spent exploring the city to see what works you can find!

Where to find Street Art

Christchurch, New Zealand

The Beltline, Atlanta

Dorothy from Oz and Other Places

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Some of the best street art in Atlanta, Georgia can be found along the Beltline. The Beltline is a pedestrian path that follows an old train track route and connects neighborhoods throughout the city. When it is completed, it will be over 33 miles of multi-use trails in a large loop. So far it has been one of the best new developments in town and has encouraged people to get out and explore. Tons of restaurants, bars and stores have popped up along the path. And so has awesome art!

Whether you’re walking the busy portion between Ponce City Market and Piedmont Park or the quieter trails, you are sure to find works of art that will inspire you, challenge you or are just pretty to look at. Some of my personal favorites include the colorful spots under Virginia Avenue on the Eastside trail, the flowers decorating Paris on Ponce and the portrait mural under Park Drive on the Northside hiking trail. Be sure to also keep an eye out for the “tiny doors” along the way (yes, they are exactly what you’re picturing, adorably decorated tiny doors).  You won’t want to miss the Beltline during your Atlanta trip!

Street Art, The Beltline, Atlanta

Wynward Walls, Miami USA

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A short uber ride from downtown Miami, street art lovers will be rewarded with the outdoor museum that is Wynwood Walls. Created back in 2009, what used to be an area filled with drab, colourless warehouses has been transformed into over 80,000 square feet of urban art. From well known names to up and coming artists, wandering the streets of Wynwood is a mesmerising experience. You can also learn more about the murals and the artists behind them with guided tours and regular events and showcases hosted in the area.
The surrounding area is now filled with hipster friendly bars, cafes and shops, making it the perfect place to spend a day exploring. Bring your camera and your best poses! Art enthusiasts should also pay a visit to the Perez Art Museum, another Miami highlight for creatives which is just a couple of kilometres down the road from Wynwood.

Valparaiso, Chile

Jackie & Justin from Life Of Doing


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Valparaíso (also known as “Valpo”), Chile is the city that made us fall in love with vibrant street arts and murals. You’ll find street art everywhere throughout the city from the stairs, neighborhood alleys, tall buildings, residential houses, and even on garbage trucks. Due to the vast amount of artwork, there are street art and graffiti tours that you can attend to learn about the history and artists. We opted to visit the various neighborhoods on our own and walked around for a couple hours. Don’t forget to pack comfortable walking shoes as the city is hilly, or take a funicular (cable car) to the top or bottom of the hills. Some of our favorite areas for street art are Cerro Concepción, Alegre, Bellavista, and Polanco neighborhoods. Cerro Concepción and Alegre are next to each other and has a high concentration of artwork in the area. Bellavista has various graffiti styles. Polanco is far from the center of town, but this residential area is another good place to see street art. We hope you consider visiting Valpo in the future.

Valparaiso, Chile

Penang, Malaysia

Chantal from Alleen Op Reis


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I love seeing street art during my travels. I have been to many places famous for street art like Berlin, London Paris and even Bogota but the place where I was most impressed was George Town, Penang. Probably also because of the location of the murals; George Town’s historical centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008 and it’s a beautiful place to wander around searching for the art works (most of them are very hidden!). Street art in Penang started in 2012 with a project called ‘Mirrors George Town’ commissioned by the Penang Municipal Council. A lot of the murals that are part of this project were done by Lithuanian-born artist Ernest Zacharevic, who’s has a beautiful, unique style that captures everyday life in the city. What I loved about the street art in Penang is that often objects found in the streets became part of the paintings. Also, street art in Penang is not only about painted walls; there are 51 iron sculptures in the city. These sculptures tell you about the history of the street they are in and are beautifully lit up during the night.

Penang, Georgetown

Brussels, Belgium

Rashmi & Chalukya from GOBeyondBounds


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Brussels is one of the top tourist destinations which offers unique attractions to its visitors. One of the most compelling and top things to do when in Brussels is exploring the comic strip street art. Brussels is the hometown of popular comic character Tintin and one can find more than 50 comic strips across the city depicting the comic episodes of Tintin. The comic strip mural hunting is fun and challenging you may find the mural hiding behind a building or sometimes in the narrow alleys. Comic Strip hunt is no doubt one of the fun things to do if you are visiting with kids. There are several Comic strip walking tour which we believe is the best way to find most of the comic strips in less time and with much less effort. Or collect a comic strip walking map from one of the tourist offices and explore on your own.

Brussels Street Art

Portland, Oregon

Catherine from  To & Fro Fam 
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I recommend Portland, Oregon as an off-the-beaten-path city with a vibrant street art scene. In some pockets of the city (especially Southeast and the Alberta District), you can hardly walk for a few blocks without stumbling onto a stunning piece of street art. What’s more, there’s a street art festival every summer that commissions leading artists to create new murals, so there’s always something more to see. The Portland community is also dedicated to preserving historic street art and restoring it when it’s vandalized. My kids have caught the street art bug, too, so now when we’re driving around town they’ll look out the window and shout, “Look, mom, a mural!” More often than not, we just have to pull over for a photo. 
Portland Street Art

Portland Street Art

Stockholm, Sweden

Christine from And The Story Goes


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Located throughout Stockholm city are over 150 pieces of public art. To find them you’ll have to head underground. Throughout the Stockholm underground, the Tunnel Rails, there are over 90 stations filled with murals and 3d objects both large and small.

Using the metro is the easiest way to get around the city when visiting, so keep an eye out in each of the stations. You can purchase single day tickets or multiple day passes for the metro. If you want to see it all, be prepared to spend the better part of the day switching between lines. The most popular stops are Centralen, Solna Centrum and Tensa (on the blue line), Stadion and Universitetet (on the red line), and Hotorget, Thorildsplan, and Kungsträdgården (on the green line).

For a guided art tour, join one lead by SL (Stockholm’s Public Transport); all you need is a valid fare ticket. The walk is only offered in English from June-August on select days, the rest of the year it is offered in Swedish only.

Where to find the best street art

Stockholm Metro Art

Athens, Greece

Angelica from Good Trip Bad Memory


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They say that art is supposed to make you feel something. Well, the street art in Athens made me feel like starting a revolution.

When I went to Athens, it had almost been 10 years since the economic crash. Even without knowing this, you could tell from the street art that they were still recovering.  I think Athens is one of the best places to view street art because you might not be expecting it in such a historical city, but once you’re there, you can’t escape it. 

Especially in Exarcheia, which is a district known for being an anarchist hotbed. Most places you go to in Athens – the metro, the area with museums, even the walk to the Acropolis, will have some street art. But in Exarcheia, literally every street was full of politically active and socially aware slogans across different ideologies. Every building was covered in beautiful, random, creative art.

where to find the best street art

Athens Street Art

Delhi, India

Shivani from The Wandering Core


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Hauz Khas is an upcoming hip place in the neighbourhoods of  South Delhi, India. Hauz Khas is mainly known for some quaint cafes and vogue restaurants. Hauz Khas Fort is a historical monument forgotten now as the focus shifted to the cafes. The Fort complex holds not only mosques and tombs but also an alluring lake. But the route to the lake is through the deer park but not through the fort directly. The alternative route includes narrow alleys from the restaurant lane leading to the lake. The walls of the lane are decorated with colourful paintings hidden in plain sight. Delhi’s Lodhi Gardens are renowned for street art but Hauz Khas street is hardly acknowledged. The paintings are sumptuous, overlooking the Hauz Khas lake are a delight to sore eyes. The face paintings, the environmental issues, and many more creative aspects covered in the street art here. Indian street art has come a long way and now it is evident in quaint corners of Delhi. I highly recommend catching up on some of the paintings while on your trip to Delhi, India.

where to find the best street art

Hauz Khas Fort Street Art

Bushwick, Brooklyn USA

Anisa from Two Traveling Texans


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You will find some amazing street art in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn New York.  Joseph Ficalora is the curator of the Bushwick Collective, which means he gets permission from the building owners and selects the artists.  He wanted to the art to be therapeutic and to beautify the community. You will also find some art in the area that is not part of the Collective.


Some of the artists that have worked in the area include Lexi Bella, Dasic Fernandez, Deface, Adam Fu, Pay to Pray, Pixel Pancho, and Invader.  The murals are changed about once a year. Unfortunately, som